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Who We Are

Matthew – Co Founder & CSO
 Blockchain focused shepherd for web2 brands, businesses, and legacy industry empires that are focused on adapting to thrive instead of becoming the next pay phone. Web3 Ideation machine and go to market conductor.
JC – Managing Partner & CMO
Digital marketing master focused on performance marketing activations, paid acquisition, and organic strategy.
Silviu - CTO
Experience in various aspects of the blockchain since 2017. Currently a senior PhD student with the UofT Machine Learning Group and Vector Institute for AI, and holds a Masters in CS from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a JD from Harvard Law School, and a BBA from the Schulich School of Business.
Hasan – CGO
Leads client based metaverse and gaming development. A Minecraft and Roblox purist focused on delivering the best experience a gaming purist could dream of. Developed, launched and deployed metaverses, games and brand experiences that have connected with millions of players around the globe.
Lois  – Chief Legal Officer
Chief Legal Officer Regulatory compliance and security attorney.
Darren – Protocols, Procedures, Operations
Over 20 years of experience in international business consulting and operationalization spanning startups through to global corporate environments, across multiple sectors including the financial and technology spheres.
Jackie – Office Administrator
Manages the administrative side of the business and is responsible for day-to-day office operations.
Alex – Project Manager
Web3 Project Manager with a background in finance and healthcare that’s utilized to structure success and foster relationships through project management. An advocate for web3 with extensive experience in tokenization, process architecture, and community management.
Brian – Project Manager
Campaign manager for paid media and influencer activations with focus on data driven results and reports.
David – Project Manager
Web3 Project Manager who has been involved in blockchain technology since 2017 as an intellectual property attorney with a background in software engineering and UI/UX design. Further, specialization in operational management and pioneering development of the disruptive DeFi space.
Michael – Project Manager
Web3 Project Manager and cross-chain strategist with over 15 years of experience in banking, trading and as FinTech startup founder. Excels in uniquely challenging environments with a highly collaborative, analytical, and resourceful skillset. Holds an MSc in Mathematical Finance and a BSc in International Business Finance. Avid follower of the crypto space for nearly a decade.
Zach – Project Manager
NFT and Metaverse expert with a focus on web3 integrations and ecosystem architectures.
Øystein - Art Director
From original non fungible curation to web3 music production and fully animated features, this unchained mind is a master in the creative worlds of 2D, 3D, and animation.
Solidity Scientists
Our ninja smart contract team responsible for building some of the most dynamic projects in the blockchain industry.

Why We Do It.


Unchained Partners was born from necessity and is driven by passion. We noticed a huge gap in the go to market acumen across the blockchain industry and created a simple approach: Develop simple and secure solutions and take them to market thoughtfully and effectively.

Strategic Advisors

Phil Ranta
A pioneer of the digital media revolution helping usher in the proactive wave of web2 brands, creators and influencers into the unchained way of immutable life.
Dean Johnson
Dean is a a creator economy expert that has his hand on the pulse of everything in the influencer world. Has a network of creators and managers with a total of over 1B in total social reach. Currently building brands and tech for the creator world.
Jason Wilhelm
Jason is a creator economy executive and OG creator who started in 2011. Jason has worked with hundreds of creators over the years, including Reaction Time, Infinite, Swagg, Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, and many others. He was initially headed for law school, a career in the FBI, and, eventually, politics. However, his love of gaming and his keen business skills led him into the world of entertainment and Esports, eventually launching TalentX, one of the fastest-growing talent management firms in the world. He also founded the Sway House, one of the biggest TikTok collectives in the world, with stars like Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, and Josh Richards. He then led the efforts for TalentX to be successfully acquired by RektGlobal.  Jason is now focused on working with creators and startups to help them take their businesses to the next level.
The most agile, talented and dependable UX/UI team across all the public ledgers. They bring ideas to life with their visual and dynamic story telling designs and experiences.
Allen Copeland
is an accomplished entrepreneur, sales executive, music publisher and songwriter, Copeland's rich and diverse background enables him to bring A-list industry contacts and offer long standing relationships with Major and Cable TV Networks, Ad Agencies and Brands to the table. Pivoting into the gaming space in 2019 he began working with esports orgs, international gaming IP and major gaming production houses. Affiliations with blockchains and Web3 followed suit in 2021.  

As a songwriter he’s written songs with many of pop music’s greats, including Desmond Child, Jon Lind and Charlie Midnight. As a TV Producer he developed TV shows for Disney, SyFy and Netflix while simultaneously running Sales and Business Development for Riptide Music.

What We Do.


Smart Contract Development
Web3 Integrations
Legal Counsel & Compliance Reviews
Safety & Security Audits
Business Development & Partnerships
Venture Capital & Institutional Relationships
Go-To-Market Blockchain Strategy
Paid & Organic Acquisition
PR & Syndication
Blockchain Content & Blogs
Metaverse and Gaming Development

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